A funeral home or funeral parlour, is a business that provides interment and funeral services for the dearly departed and their families. These services may include a prepared wake and funeral arranging /planning, and the provision of a chapel, reception, mortuary, hearses for the funeral.
We provide a one-stop funeral services solutions.
• Funeral Event Planning
• Mortuary Services
• Undertaking Services
• Caskets
• Chapel Hire & Reception Services
• Hearse Services
• Removal Services
• Transitions Plan Policy ( Insurance Plan)
• Pre-Plan (membership plan)
• Repatriation
• Graveside Decorations

Other services Offered:
• Flowers / Wreath
• Shroud
• Home Décor
• Pall Bearers
• Cemetery
• Burial & Death Certificate Documentation
• Graveside Preparation
• Catering
• Autopsy
• Epitaph
• Tombstone
• Catering
It is the act of preserving the human body after death to prevent decay
A well embalmed body can be in a mortuary as long as required (20 years)
When the cause of death cannot be established
When the cause of death cannot be established
NO. By law only accredited government hospitals are required to perform this. Transition does arrange for such services to be provided with top pathologist.
Haatso is the main hub currently. Other branches will be open soon. But we provide services to all parts of Ghana and out Ghana
It is the process of moving a deceased from the point of death or current storage to Transitions / new storage point. A specialized team with appropriate equipment & transport conduct this service. By law all deaths that occur at home must be reported to Ghana Police
Yes. We are available 24/7 to conduct removals at all times. Place a request via our Hotline on 0553802202 or send your removal request via our website
Very reasonable and affordable. From as little as Ghs 1400 for embalming and storage of 20 days